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Sam's SGA Fanfic

I like my irony blatant.

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Created on 2017-04-05 18:21:38 (#2869282), last updated 2017-04-06 (27 weeks ago)

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Name:Sam's I Defeated SGA Backup
Website:Sam's Livejournal
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"Yeah, I'm a quitter most of the time. Viz: X-Files, Babylon 5. I have this uncontrollable urge, when shows start to suck, to stop watching them. SGA is the exception because it has always sucked."

This is a repository for SGA-themed fanfic. I don't expect to update it once it goes public because this wasn't a show I liked, this was a show I wrestled with and triumphed over.

"It was stupid but charming, in an "please god don't let this ever happen on the show" kind of way."

And okay, the fic is indeed awesome, but there was also fic I wanted to read and, it not having been written yet, I was forced to write it myself.

"It occurs to me that potentially the best way to avoid severe emotional scarring is McKay-brand narcissism."

The only reason I identify with Rodney McKay is my boundless self-loathing, which in itself is inspired by knowing who Rodney McKay is.

"On further thought anyone who goes on a potentially one-way space exploration mission probably doesn't have major commitment issues."

Argh, this show.

Dove: I think your community name is misleading. You're writing "John is a robot" fic, Sam. If ever there were proof that SGA has won...
Sam: I like my irony blatant.
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